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One-to-One Dads Coaching



Location: London

Type: Masterclasses

Time: Hourly slots throughout the day

We strongly believe that being brilliant at home and at work shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Fathers play an essential part in the learning and development of their children and are under constant pressure to perform both at work and at home.

Dads coach Patrick Haywood is a full time business owner, trainer and executive coach, as well as a full time father and part time cricket player.

Patrick said – “I know the importance of separating work from the rest of life, and my (full time working) wife and I find it essential to be able to switch off the laptop in the evenings and give our kids the attention they need.”

Patrick helps fathers to better handle issues around the pressures of fatherhood, from paternity leave through to adolescents, managing the expectations of their clients, colleague and managers and perhaps most importantly finding the right work/life blend while managing responsibilities both at home and at work.

We will be offering dads a 1 hour slot with Patrick and as with all our coaching, Masterclassess and talks this is free to attend.


Who this session is for: Fathers (birth, step, adoptive, same sex relationship), expectant fathers or those thinking about becoming a father.

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