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4th Feb

Building Emotional Resilience in Families

  • Location: Online
  • Type: Masterclasses
  • Date: 04/02/2021
  • Time: 12:30 - 1:30pm

Children, young people and their families face a variety of conflicting challenges, especially in the face of the pandemic, with possible impact to their mental health and wellbeing. This seminar will provide you with an understanding of emotional resilience, why it’s so important, especially as we look forward and what steps can be taken to identify potential challenges and an understanding of the ways in which an individual and a family unit can develop resilience.

Dr. Nihara Krause will use as a framework the MINDYOUR5 programme, an emotional health and wellbeing programme she has developed for schools and colleges.


Dr Krause is an award-winning Consultant Clinical Psychologist, lecturer and international speaker; and founder and CEO of stem4, teenage mental health charity. Nihara has developed the MINDYOUR5 wellbeing and resilience programme as well as written numerous resources and booklets on mental health including several on coping with the pandemic. She is the clinical creator of 4, evidence based mental health apps for children and young people for stem4: Calm Harm, Clear Fear, Combined Minds and Move Mood. Three of the apps also have accompanying resources to help over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nihara has been the mentor for mental health for the Youth Health Parliament, and contributed to the House of Lords enquiry into ‘Children and the Internet,’ the Children’s Society ‘The Safety Net, Children and Cyber Bullying,’ the ‘Empathy Project’ for Facebook and is part of the BPS expert group on advising on policy. Nihara contributes regularly to TV, radio and the media.

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