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25th Jun

Achieving Balance & Wellbeing as a Working Parent

  • Location: London
  • Address: NABS, Hills Place, London, UK
  • Type: Masterclasses
  • Date: 25/06/2019
  • Time: 9.30am - 11am

For working parents time is often lacking and the feeling of being overwhelmed never that far away.

This session will help you to understand your personal definition of balance (it’s different for all of us!) and be aware of the triggers that create and hinder balance. It then explores strategies to get and sustain work life balance.

Learn how to say no and be loved for it; be happier spending your days in different ways, and achieve more by slowing down are just some of the topics that this session explores.

Sharon will share with you plenty of tools and techniques to get more time, energy, order and peace of mind into your life.

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