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What’s it all about?

By becoming an Ambassador, you’ll be committing to becoming our go-to person within your organisation: a vital contact for NABS and a bridge between us and your colleagues.

As a NABS Ambassador, you will:

  • Be a source of NABS knowledge for your organisation; championing our services and signposting your colleagues our way
  • Be in regular contact with your company’s senior team, acting as a conduit between us and them
  • Become our go-to person within your company; helping us to sign people or the company up to our events
  • Help to shape the future of our industry by contributing your voice to important industry conversations, like wellbeing, working practices and mental health
  • Be a passionate, committed person; a strong communicator who cares about your career and that of your colleagues

What will we offer in return?

At NABS, we recognise the huge contribution Ambassadors will make to the way we work. So we want to make sure we’re fully supporting you in this important voluntary role.

As a NABS Ambassador, you will have the chance to:

  • Join exclusive events put on just for Ambassadors, giving you the chance to hear from amazing speakers and meet other adland Ambassadors
  • Be mentored by a member of our amazing 100 Club of industry leaders
  • Be partnered up with an industry ‘buddy’; yet another chance to build your network
  • Build relationships with your company’s leaders, getting your name known within your organisation and the wider industry
  • Build your network far and wide by being a part of a unique community of likeminded people from across our industry

And don’t worry, we won’t expect you to know all about NABS without first giving you the knowledge to speak with confidence. Once enrolled, you’ll be invited to an induction with the NABS team, as well as receiving a pack of key information and regular updates from us.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can fill out a short application form here.

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