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NABS 100 Club mentoring: FAQs

Who can be mentored?

To be matched with a NABS 100 Club mentor, you must have undertaken coaching with a NABS coach. You will not be matched to a mentor without referral from a NABS coach following assessment or at least one session with a NABS Coach.

Who are the mentors and how does this work?

Mentors in the NABS 100 Club are carefully selected senior member of the advertising industry. Mentors are volunteering their time and are chosen based on their suitability for each individual after being referred by a NABS coach.

Once you have been referred, NABS cannot guarantee the length of time it will take to make a mentoring match. The length of time can vary as our mentors are senior industry leaders, and we wish to make the most appropriate match for every individual. NABS will do its best to match all individuals referred to NABS 100 Club mentoring programme by coaches. However, there is a possibility that we won’t find a successful match.

Setting objectives

Mentees are in control of the objectives in any mentoring programme. NABS coaches will help to give guidance before referral to a 100 Club mentor. Through coaching, individuals looking to be mentored will set their own objectives and are then helped to reach them through the support, guidance and advice of a mentor.

Once NABS has matched a mentor and mentee it is up to the mentoring partnership to lay-out the objectives of their relationship and create a plan for how it will work. NABS can be contacted if any problems or questions arise.

Understanding time commitment

The mentoring relationship is flexible according to the availability and objectives of the mentor and mentee. Together they decide what the aims of the mentoring relationship will be, how often they meet and for how long. Inevitable time constraints need to be considered for individuals with a variety of responsibilities, both sides should ensure that they do not impose beyond what is reasonable.

NABS suggest that a mentoring relationship should last for 1-5 hours worth of meetings, but it may draw to a close before or after, if appropriate. Length and frequency of meetings tend to vary for everyone, depending on what they’re looking to get out of mentoring. Individuals may wish to continue the mentoring relationship beyond this, outside of NABS’ terms and guidance.

Please respect mentors involved – they’re volunteering their time

Given that 100 Club members are donating their time and advice for free to support mentees in the NABS community, it’s important that mentees respect this. Please be organised, punctual, responsive and take the lead in sorting out the meetings and setting the agenda, where possible.

How to handle your first meeting

We encourage a meeting within four weeks of NABS introducing you. The mentee is in control of the objectives in any mentoring meeting, which will have been discussed with a NABS coach prior to your match with a 100 Club mentor. We cannot guarantee your experience. Once NABS has matched two professionals for a mentoring meeting, it is up to them to lay out the objectives of their meeting. NABS can be contacted if any problems or questions arise.

Following up

Once the first meeting has taken place, both parties are welcome to stay in touch and schedule a follow up under your own arrangement. You are also welcome to come back to NABS for advice on this. Once again, the mentee is in control of the objectives for any meeting with a 100 Club mentor, and at the hands of their possible time restraints.

Applying for a different mentor/mentee

If individual needs and circumstances change (change in roles, sector, etc) it may be appropriate to work with a different mentor. NABS suggest that anyone wishing to do so should revisit a NABS coach first and be aware that individuals that have not been matched with a 100 Club mentor before will take priority.


The nature of mentoring means that, on occasion, issues of a confidential nature are discussed. By taking part in the NABS 100 Club mentoring programme, both parties agree to keep any information confidential at all times. This includes any notes shared. NABS cannot be held responsible for any breach of confidence between participants of the NABS 100 Club mentoring programme.

Professional relationship

Naturally the relationship between mentor and mentee is expected to remain professional. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of your mentoring relationship.

Complaints and when things go wrong with the mentoring relationship

Sometimes the match might not work. This might be because of chemistry or because one person does not have the time they initially envisaged, or for another reason. In this case you should agree to end the relationship and inform NABS.

If either party feels the need to make a formal complaint, this must be done by contacting the NABS 100 Club programme manager. Any justifiable complaint will be considered by NABS and the complainant will be notified of the outcome by the NABS 100 Club programme manager. If any complaint against an individual is upheld, NABS reserves the right to dispel the individual from any future participation in the mentoring programme. Likewise, if anyone, through their actions during participation in the scheme, brings NABS into disrepute, we reserve the right to dispel the individual concerned from the NABS 100 Club mentoring programme.

How we use and share your data

Please be aware that information given to a NABS coach is referred to the NABS 100 Club programme manager upon application for a 100 Club mentor. We may ask for further information at this stage to help us find the most suitable mentor from our 100 Club members. As with our coaching service, any information shared is strictly confidential and securely stored at NABS.

The Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018 apply to all NABS activities and processes involving personal data. For mentees, the details provided during the NABS coaching application process will be used for the purpose of the NABS 100 Club mentoring programme only when referred, subject to verbal or formal approval. For mentors, information is referred by a senior member of NABS staff to the 100 Club programme manager and is not disclosed to any third parties for any other reason. Full details about how we collect and use personal information can be found in our privacy policy.

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