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Our industry needs to treat people better

Katie Creighton, 30, from Tooting, London, an account director and Head of Training and Development at Now, became a NABS Ambassador in January and is ready to support her colleagues through tough times.

People don’t talk about employee wellbeing enough but it’s something we should all take seriously. We are working in a tough, relentless industry and I have definitely noticed that people seem to be less resilient these days.

I had always been aware of NABS as they helped a friend of mine when he became redundant, and gave him advice and support.  In 2013 I  took part in NABS’ Fast Forward programme which was hard work and intense but so rewarding, so when I heard they were looking for new Ambassadors at my agency I jumped at the chance.

As a NABS Ambassador it is my role within the agency to shout about NABS and all the services they provide. It feels really good to be able to support my colleagues through their careers and to tell them there are people they can speak to at NABS who really know the industry and understand.

Many can’t believe the range of free services and support that NABS provides and I am so happy to do my bit to promote the fantastic work the organisation does.

When you become an Ambassador you get more exposure in the workplace and the networking opportunities are great. I have met lots of different people from across the industry at Ambassador events.

But by far the most important thing for me is being able to support my colleagues through tough times and to show I care.

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