Becoming a NABS Ambassador helped land me my dream job. - NABS
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Becoming a NABS Ambassador helped land me my dream job.

Paul McCallum, 43, from Chelsea, London, had worked for almost 20 years in the media before he found NABS. Now after becoming a NABS Ambassador, and securing his dream job, he is ensuring that others in the industry don’t leave it so late.

I wish I was as confident when I started my career as I am now. I guess some of that comes with age, but I also have NABS to thank for it.

I first heard about NABS from a colleague who had been on one of the masterclasses. I was intrigued and saw an advertisement for Ambassadors on the NABS website. I thought it was a brilliant way to help younger people in the industry and so I applied.

Working in media and advertising when you’re young is tough and really stressful at times. Becoming a NABS Ambassador means I champion their services and support at work.

Being an Ambassador puts you in touch with other like-minded people, the networking is great and the nights out are always fun. But the most important aspect for me is being able to give something back. I want to ensure that people find out about NABS a little earlier than I did and get that great support all the way through their careers.

Through becoming an Ambassador and learning more about NABS I signed up for one-to-one coaching. This was one of the best things I have ever done for my career as it makes you ask questions about yourself and you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

NABS has helped me to feel much more confident and self-assured and when I was approached by the start-up health app Babylon Health to head up their customer acquisition, I went for it. I am not 100% sure that I would have had the courage to go for my new role before becoming a NABS Ambassador a year ago and now I have my dream job.

Paul is currently Media Performance Director at The Economist.

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