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An Ambassador’s story

We spoke with Scott Sallée, NABS Ambassador at Dentsu Aegis Network, about his experience as a NABS Ambassador.

Why did you become a NABS Ambassador?

I became an Ambassador because I was so excited about the NABS offering and I wanted to do my part to ensure that anyone who could benefit from the services was aware of them.

One of NABS’ pillars is Community and it makes me happy to feel that the work we are doing as Ambassadors is in service to bettering the lives of our people and our industry.

How do you incorporate being an Ambassador in to your working life?

I see it as woven into everything I do and look for occasions to speak openly about wellbeing, mental health, resilience, and how NABS can help.

Is there anything you have done – Ambassador wise – that has been successful?

Each month I lead the new starters Induction Day and make time to speak about my journey with wellbeing and mental health and to share the NABS offering. If your company has a day like this, it’s a great way to connect with a lot of people at what could be a time of change and challenge for them.

I also reach out to brands and functions to get time in their quarterly huddles or all-team meetings – 2 minutes to signpost and remind people about NABS can have a hugely beneficial ripple effect!

We’d love to hear about your journey with us and to share any invaluable tips that you have with fellow Ambassadors – get in touch with us.

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