Working Parents Webinar: Team Parenting

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Positive ‘co-parenting’ – the extent to which dads and mums can include each other and work together to develop co-operative childrearing – which is key to child wellbeing. This is so, both when parents live together and when they separate.

Co-parenting after separation offers particular challenges, but so does within-household co-parenting when one partner is mainly responsible for the childcare, or mum and dad strongly disagree about aspects of child raising.

Parents will often develop very different styles of parenting so how we learn to work together positively as a family unit is incredibly important throughout your child’s development. This Masterclass explores ways in which mothers and fathers in the ‘real world’ negotiate co-parenting, when living together or apart.

The Fatherhood Institute is the world’s leading independent ‘think tank’ on fatherhood. The Institute supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers. Their mission is a great dad for every child.

Who this session is for: expectant parents, new parents, more experienced parents. Parents living together or apart. Mums, dads, carers.

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