Working Parents Webinar: Fathering in the Fast Lane – Balancing bonding and bread winning

This webinar by NABS and The Fatherhood Institute is about fathers but not just for fathers to attend. 

Some of the world’s busiest and most high achieving fathers manage to be both good dads and good at their jobs. In fact, some industry leaders have particularly close relationships with their children. How do they achieve this? This practical session examines such issues as: how little time with children is time enough? understanding what children really need; building quality relationships with children, rather than focusing on ‘quality time’; ‘fly-in-fly-out’ fathering – how to manage distance and return; and using paternity/parental leave, flexible working and home working without career-sabotage.

The Fatherhood Institute is the world’s leading independent ‘think tank’ on fatherhood. The Institute supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers. Its mission is A GREAT DAD FOR EVERY CHILD.

The speaker for this Masterclass is Jeremy Davies – Jeremy is a journalist, specialising mainly in health and social policy, and has recently completed a PhD about gay fathers. As well as working for the Fatherhood Institute he does some teaching at the University of Manchester and writes and edits for a variety of national newspapers, magazines and websites. He has one son.

Watch the webinar here.