Success stories

Here is a selection of case studies demonstrating the varied work we do to support those working in adland.

Identities have been changed to preserve anonymity.

Louise Dempsy: Creative Director

Louise had breast cancer and due to ill health and other personal disruptions, had worked sporadically for the last decade.

Louise experienced some mental health problems which were related to stress and major relationship upheavals. She left the world of advertising after developing breast cancer and needed to care for her daughter. Although still a Cancer sufferer, Louise had decided to return to work but her computer technology and company website were outdated and she was struggling with the expenses of searching for a new job such as travel into Central London.

NABS supported Louise by contributing a grant towards helping her return to work and providing career coaching.

“NABS is a fantastic organization. People in the advertising industry are very lucky to have access to such services. No matter how many times I asked for help, they were always there to offer support. It is a safe, non-judgemental and trusting place which enabled me to start all over again after a long break in my career. I couldn’t have done it without new IT equipment and practical help they kindly provided.

I found the help provided by Ray Brennan had been crucial. I had created a website rather quickly. He de-cluttered the home page and provided a clear navigation plan. When I applied his advice, he gave me very positive feedback by email. He has a very friendly and open personality which is what I needed.

I also used the hub on your premises to check out contact names with trade magazines on site.

Thanks again for everything.”

James Thomlinson: Senior Account Manager

James was made redundant from his role as an account manager and contacted the NABS Advice Line for some help and guidance.

Following his redundancy, James quickly identified a desire to move into planning and a need for further training in order to make this transfer. Through career coaching with a NABS Executive coach, he found that the Strategic Thinking course at APG offered training in the necessary skills that he needed.

NABS were able to offer a Career Upskilling Grant towards a course in Training in Planning and Strategy to help James secure his next role.

Heather Whalen: Senior Strategist

Heather and her family had been given six weeks to leave their rented property following the death of their landlord and they were about to find themselves homeless. As a freelancer, Heather had poor credit rating and local rental agencies were insisting on high deposit terms which were making it increasingly difficult for Heather to secure her next property.

Heather was struggling to cope with the pressure of finding a new home and trying to maintain some security for her and her children as they had fled an abusive home some years ago and had previously lived in temporary accommodation which was adding to the stress of the whole situation.

NABS supported Heather by directing a grant towards the first month’s rent which enabled Heather to secure a new property, staving off homelessness as well as providing stability and security for her and her children and offering CBT to help her to cope with the stressful situation.

Jim Stevens: Finance Director

Jim had Multiple Sclerosis and was medically retired, with the use of only two limbs he was confined to an electric wheelchair and living on his own. Jim had identified a new chair that would enable him to stand up with a harness and fully recline however, he had no savings and his income was directed towards his living expenses. Jim had suffered with MS for the last ten years and was determined to get the best from his situation and hoped that the chair would greatly improve his quality of life and sense of independence.

NABS were able to support Jim by assisting with funding towards the new chair which would go towards helping Jim maintain his independence for a longer period of time.

Julia Garcia: Freelance Designer

Julia had taken time out of her work as a freelance designer to care for her son and 3 year old twins but her skill set had fallen behind and she had lost many of her contacts.

Julia got in touch with NABS as she wanted to apply for a two-part course run by Digital Mums. She had decided she would like to work as a Community Social Media Manager and was sure this course would enhance her skills but didn’t have the funds to cover it.

NABS helped Julia by offering a Career Upskilling Grant enabling her to increase her digital knowledge in order to open up more avenues of employment.

John Coley: Creative Director

Freelance work for John had been slow and this had impacted on his family’s income. His wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was only able to work a small amount of hours.

John was about to start a new job but was worried about the cost of getting to work from his home in West County to his office in London, as well as concerns over other household expenses until he received his first full salary.

The situation at home had intensified by the fact that his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and their youngest daughter was suffering with severe depression.

NABS provided a grant towards John’s immediate outgoings such as household utilities and travel, giving him and his family some financial relief until he received the salary from his new role.

Benjamin Major: Freelance Designer

Freelance art director and copywriter Benjamin was struggling to secure work after 20 years in the industry. He was finding that his design skills were starting to become outdated and was anxious about continuing to find work in the future without the essential digital skills he lacked.

NABS were able to offer Benjamin a Career Upskilling Grant to cover a two day digital design course to bridge the digital knowledge and experience gaps that he had in order to enhance his employability and secure work for the future.

Mia Khan: Finance Assistant

Following the sudden death of her father, Mia had become responsible for the care of her mother and she was struggling emotionally, physically and financially..

Having been made redundant from her long term role and not having the qualifications to be able to gain employment at a similar salary level, she took on temporary contracts to change her career path and try to increase her salary. However the change in her circumstances had taken its toll on her confidence and self-belief.

NABS were able to help Mia by directing a grant towards her wellbeing and towards bills and travel as well as arranging career coaching in order to help her build her confidence and find a more secure and permanent role.

David Richards: Account Director

Having left his Account Director role the previous year, David was unemployed and living on state benefits. He’d had plenty of interviews but was struggling to secure another role, had used up all of his savings and his partner was about to give birth to their second child. Although the couple’s parents had helped financially in recent months they were now unable to offer any further support and things were becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

NABS supported David by providing a grant towards the shortfall in their rent and by arranging career coaching to assist David in his search for work.

Nick Prichard: Global Director

Nick found himself unemployed after his role as Global Director was altered and he was essentially made redundant from the marketing company he worked for. He had been finding it very challenging to secure a suitable role and was conscious of the gaps in his knowledge of digital marketing and potential employers’ perception of him as a result.

NABS supported Nick with career coaching sessions which led to an offer of a grant for a place on the Squared Online course to help bridge the gaps in his knowledge and make him a more desirable candidate for the senior roles that he was otherwise qualified for.

“It has been very worthwhile and relevant experience that has opened my eyes to the whole digital, analytical and disruptive landscape of today. My cynicism of the new has been replaced with a greater understanding and whilst not being a complete evangelist, I now appreciate how new tools and approaches need to be part of the mix.

Thank you to everyone at NABS who made this possible – I really am most appreciative. It has been a brilliant experience that has helped me secure a new transformation role within a communications company that requires experience of all marketing tools.”