Success stories

Here is a selection of case studies demonstrating the varied work we do to support those working in adland.

Identities have been changed to preserve anonymity.

Julie Hall

Julie is a domestic abuse survivor who was given two weeks’ notice to vacate her family home. Due to the abuse Julie suffered, she became increasingly isolated, spending most of her time in her bedroom due to her increasingly difficult living arrangements.

On the verge of becoming homeless, Julie was desperate to escape the family home but was struggling to meet the month’s rent which was required up front, on top of the deposit for a new home.

NABS was able to offer Julie financial assistance to cover her first month’s rent shortfall, alongside a support grant towards essential general living costs, to help alleviate some of the pressures she was experiencing, enabling her to focus on her personal wellbeing during this difficult time.

“I just wanted to thank you all again for helping me out with my move. I have moved all of my things into my new place and I am already feeling much better about life and my future.”

James Lowell: Creative Producer

James suffers from depression and was struggling to manage debts. Following two stressful, unsuccessful occasions to remedy his debt, James’ mental wellbeing started to deteriorate and he was left with minimal amount of money to live on.

To add to his fragile position, he was still grieving from the recent death of his mother and has also had to cope with discrimination due to health issues.

The pressure of debt alongside James’ health problems was affecting his work performance, adding to the stress he was experiencing.

NABS was able to offer James financial grants to clear priority debts and relieve the pressure of commuting costs. NABS also provided food vouchers to allow James to focus on improving his mental wellbeing during this stressful period. Having helped with his most pressing financial concerns, we also signposted him to other support organisations to help him manage his debts.

Stephen Giles: Media Liaison Officer

Stephen suffers from mental health problems and is a full-time carer for his disabled daughter. Due to on-going health issues; his ability to work has been prevented which led him to rely on state benefits and a small pension.

Stephen had to spend a large amount of money modifying their home to ensure it was a suitable living environment for both him and his daughter, but this left him unable to cover utility bills.

NABS helped Stephen to clear his bill arrears to get him back on his feet, whilst he recovered from a recent emergency operation. We also provided him with food and birthday vouchers to relieve some pressure when he got home from hospital so that he could focus on his recovery and to continue caring for his daughter.

“I really am most grateful and most appreciative for all the support I’ve received from NABS. It is one less thing to worry about at this very difficult time.”

Tim Lockey: Advertising Consultant

Tim is a domestic abuse survivor who was on the verge of becoming homeless. He found the strength to flee the abuse and turned to a friend for short-term help. Having sought advice from various organisations, Tim came to the conclusion that he needed to relocate in order to be able to afford a stable home.

He found a great property but was unable to meet the upfront costs that were associated. Although he was eager to return to the industry and get back to work, this seemed unachievable until he was able to secure the basics – a home.

To help Tim secure a new home and ease his situation, NABS was able to offer financial support to cover the initial costs of the property and relocating. Once this pressure was relieved, we offered Tim one-to-one coaching and CBT to support his return to the industry and guide him to the next step in his career.

‘Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my application. I am more than grateful for all the support and guidance that I have received from NABS.  Thank you and I pray your wishes come true.”

Samuel Cornish: Copywriter

Samuel has worked in advertising for three decades and decided to go freelance several years ago. After initial success, he has found it increasingly difficult to find regular work in the past few years.  As a man in his mid-fifties, he was finding age to be one of the obstacles to secure further work.

Having recently missed out on a permanent senior position, Samuel felt as though this was his last shot at another job in the industry. He had also been actively applying for jobs in other industries, which had not yet presented any opportunities.

Samuel was not eligible for Job Seeker’s Allowance and with limited household income, the pressure of covering the family’s living expenses started to grow.

To ease immediate financial difficulties for Samuel and his family, NABS was able to offer a grant towards household utility bills to give him some breathing space and allow him to focus all of his energies on finding work. NABS also provided him with Career Coaching sessions.  Not long after contact with NABS, Samuel partnered up with two other seasoned advertising campaigners and work began to flow freely again.  The help from NABS was the first positive news Samuel had received for quite some time and was the spark to get back on his feet.

“I’ve been in advertising for several decades. When I first began my career as a young guy I got involved in a few fundraising events for NABS, thinking I’d never actually need them as I was going to set the industry on fire! Let’s face it, this business, exciting and fun though it can be, is also something of a rollercoaster. The years had passed, I’d got older and couple of years back the rollercoaster started plunging downwards. I waited for it to surge upwards again, but it didn’t.

Confused, scared, and verging on desperate I called NABS. They put me instantly at ease, assuring me the situation I was in had been experienced by many before me, and that embarrassment was the last thing I should be feeling. They provided fantastic practical help and advice, agency contacts and financial support.

Happily, I got through it, thanks in no small part to the incredible help from NABS – Thank you. The rollercoaster is now powering upwards and has continued to do so – long may it stay that way!

My advice to anyone thinking of calling NABS but feeling awkward, ashamed, embarrassed etc. please don’t. They are here to help us when careers go wrong. They have so much to offer and they are brilliant, so pick up the phone!”

Suzie Williams: Account Executive

Suzie is a single parent who was accepted on to a graduate scheme. While living on a graduate wage, Suzie was struggling to cover childcare costs following a change to the Government’s free childcare policy.

Suzie was committed to continuing her graduate scheme in London to enable her to provide for her son and develop her career. However, in the meantime, her financial situation was extremely precarious.

NABS was able to offer Suzie a one-off support grant as a contribution to childcare costs whilst she completed her graduate programme; relieving financial pressure until her salary rise upon completion of the scheme. We also provided birthday and Christmas vouchers for Suzie and her son to ensure she had peace of mind in providing for her son during these times.