Career Development

Executive Career & Creative Coaching

At NABS we have three qualified Executive Coaches who have all worked in the industry, who provide one-to-one career coaching for everything from how to develop your potential, business acumen, stepping into a new role, developing your team, building resilience, building confidence and gravitas, managing up, leadership and management, motivation, self-belief, career crossroads, being an effective working parent and much more.

The coaching sessions are held face to face at NABS HQ or over the phone or Skype.

We will review your coaching brief and match you up with the most appropriate Coach based on both your experience and needs. You are entitled to up to three sessions with your Coach and the sessions last around an hour. As with all NABS’ services, coaching is entirely confidential and free although is subject to eligibility.

As well as our Executive Coaches we have our creative coach Ray Brennan, who is an award-winning Creative Director with over 30 years’ experience. He has worked in some of London’s top creative departments including Lowe’s, Still Price Lintas, DMB&B and Havas to name a few.

We offer bespoke creative coaching for clients who have completed two placements or who have spent a minimum of one year working in the industry.

If you would like to come in for Executive Coaching or Creative Coaching please use this booking link to complete your application.

Career Masterclasses

As well as running tailored workshops through our Programmes, we also offer a range of bespoke Masterclasses on building confidence and gravitas, rapport and influence and your authentic personal brand. You can find out more about our workshops and Masterclasses here.

Team Up

NABS runs regular ‘Team Up’ sessions. Whether artworker or copywriter, this service matchmakes the best advertising talent with their ideal creative partner.

Contact our team to book a place at our next session here or call 020 7290 7070 to find out when the next session will be held.

If you are looking for a creative partner, here are our 10 top tips for teaming up:


  1. Have a portfolio/website with at least four big ideas i.e. campaigns that can work across all media platforms; TV, Print, digital and experiential
  2. Remember you will get hired because you are an idea creator first, not an art director or a copywriter
  3. Be open-minded about teaming up with a fellow art director/copywriter
  4. Look for a portfolio that is full of fresh and memorable campaigns
  5. If you see a standout portfolio, contact the creative and arrange to meet in a relaxed venue, a café or pub
  6. If there is a personality clash, no matter how good their work is, don’t take it any further
  7. Your creative partner is somebody that you will work with for the next 10 years and beyond. You will get hired together, be promoted together, be awarded together, it really is like a marriage
  8. If you both get on well, work on a brief together to see how the creative chemistry works
  9. Combine your portfolios by choosing the strongest work from each one, whether that means more campaigns from one portfolio, so be it
  10. Target the top 10 agencies you want to work at and use your combined contacts to get your portfolio in front of them

The Hub

After much debate, we have chosen to close down The Hub – the room in our Oxford Street offices available to people in the advertising and media industry.

The closure will be effective as of the first week in January 2017.

Find out more here.