Sleep School for Teens



Location: London

Type: Masterclasses

Time: 9.30am - 11am

From our research into working parents from the advertising and media industry, fatigue was cited by 45% of parents as one of the biggest pressures that come with being working parent.

We know that insufficient sleep for children of all ages can in turn affect parents’ wellbeing so we want to help educate and appropriately support our parents in this area.

The seminar will include a mix of discussion, advice and experiential practice on the following topics:

– Establishing a healthy dialogue around the importance of sleep with teenagers
– Sleep regulation during teenage years (e.g. delayed sleep phase)
– Managing ‘late to bed, late to rise’ sleeping behaviours
– Helpful advice on technology usage in the bedroom
– Managing teenage exam stress and pressure and reducing its impact on sleep
– How to sleep well as a parent of teenage children

The Sleep School was founded in 2009 by Dr Guy Meadows a sleep physiologist and Adrian Baxter. They are passionate about helping people to sleep better and educating on the importance of sleep and how to achieve it.

Who this session is for: Parents and carers of children aged 13 – 18yrs

All of our Masterclasses and webinars are free to access

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