One-to-One Stress Coaching



Location: London

Type: Masterclasses

Time: Hourly slots throughout the day

Dr Siobhan O’Riordan is a Chartered Psychologist, International Society for Coaching Psychology Accredited Coaching Psychologist and Supervisor, and a CABA Chartered Certified Coach. Currently she is Founder Chair of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, Editor of The Coaching Psychologist and Coaching Psychology International. Her other posts include being a Director of the International Academy for Professional Development Ltd.

Applicants will be offered an initial consultation assessment with a qualified Executive Coach prior to their 1:1 Stress Coaching appointment subject to eligibility.

Appointments last for one hour and can be face-to-face at NABS HQ, via phone or Skype.

All NABS services are free for all individuals who have spent the majority of their career working within advertising and media.

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