MPA Thrive



Location: Manchester

Type: Industry Conference

Time: 8am - 5pm

What is it? A new conference from the MPA, featuring a day of inspirational talks and workshops from leading figures in business, health, mindfulness and wellbeing to help you, your people and your business flourish.

Who is it for? Anyone who wants to improve their business and personal performance by learning new thinking, techniques and strategies around health, wellbeing and mindfulness.

What can you expect? Start the day with a healthy breakfast workshop before hearing from top coaches on how to transform your mindset and approach to work. Candid talks and interviews with leading figures will leave you inspired and motivated to implement truly useful changes in your life and work.

Who will be appearing? The day will comprise a series of keynote talks, panel conversations, interviews and practical workshops from people who are devoted to helping others unlock their potential and place health and happiness firmly at the heart of successful business. The lead keynote for the day will be Karuna of Hub for the Heart – a global speaker, who guides people to manage the mind, harness its power and creativity and to achieve emotional balance. She is an internationally experienced meditation teacher, a corporate mindfulness consultant

Use the code MAYEARLYBIRD and you can access 1 ticket for £99 + VAT or 3+ tickets for £75 + VAT as a member of the NABS community!

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