HR Forum



Location: London

Type: Social/Networking/Sporting

Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Our HR forum brings together HR and Learning and Development professionals from across NABS’ community of creative agencies, media agencies and media owners. As forum members, you’ll have the opportunity to share knowledge and best practice with your peers, discussing industry trends and legislation changes – as well as getting the chance to hear expert insight from our guest speaker.

Our guest speaker John Allison will be looking at how military training is structured to reduce fear, stress and fatigue using techniques which can be applied to the wider world, the effects of uncertainty on our mental wellbeing and practical advice and exercises on how we can improve employee wellbeing.

John is ex British Army having completed 24 years of service, primarily in the field of bomb disposal, counter-terrorist search and intelligence. He now delivers unique health and wellbeing support to address employee stress, fatigue, personal resilience, creativity and productivity. John currently runs Terra Incognita Fitness, works as an in-house wellbeing manager for Momentum Worldwide and volunteers as a Healthy Workplace verifier for the Greater London Authority.

All of our talks, Masterclasses and Webinars are free to attend.

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