Exploring and embracing diversity with our children Masterclass



Location: London

Type: Masterclasses

Time: 9.30am - 11am

Great Britain has a truly diverse heritage in its cultural mix and this diversity has given our country a cultural vitality and richness. Recent research has shown us to be one of the most tolerant societies within Europe. Though more recently there has been evidence of rising incidences of racism, prejudice, discrimination and lack of respect for one another. There are all sorts of discrimination ranging from racism to sexism but also including mental health and disability issues.

At a certain age, children begin to notice differences, especially if they have not been exposed to people who are unlike themselves. They may find these differences interesting, or they may find them threatening, this may be influenced by a variety of factors; their own personality or their parents/ carers approach to differences, but also our media filled world even if parents/carers do not discuss or react to these differences, children are bombarded by messages from outside influences such as school peers, adults, political events, news programmes or papers and even social media. For many children by the time they start school they are aware of differences and some may have already developed unconscious prejudices against people who are unlike themselves.

This Masterclass will delve into some ways in which we as parents can explore the differences amongst people with our children and enable them to grow up open minded and embracing of the wonderfully diverse world in which we live today.

The speaker for this  Masterclass is Julie Johnson – child, adolescent & family counsellor and psychotherapist, school therapist and parent coach

This session is for expectant, new or more experienced mums, dads, carers.

All of our Masterclasses and Webinars are free to attend.

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