AWE 2018: Say Hello to your Brain



Location: London

Type: Industry Conference

Time: 10.05am

Location: Stage 3

Enjoy a diverse panel of ‘brainiacs’, each bringing their unique view and expertise to discuss the science behind the brain: how we can train our brains to be better equipped to deal with tough challenges, why divergent thinkers have a competitive advantage, how we can create welcome environments for different brains to thrive and survive, and is there really a genetic difference between male and female brains?

Walk away from the session with a better understanding of the brain; how the difference in brain variety is important to understanding how to we learn and how to optimise our individual strengths and differences.


Pippa Glucklich – Vice-President, WACL (Chair)

Afua Basoah – Global health strategist & Vice-President, Rabin Martin Agency

Derek Draper Co-founder and CEO, CDP Leadership Consultants

Soraya Shaw Strategic consultant, wellbeing and careers, NABS

Sarah Wood Co-founder & CEO, Unruly