AWE 2018: Man Up: Men in Adland



Location: London

Type: Industry Conference

Time: 11.45am

Location: Stage 1

The ad industry and society at large have made great progress in empowering women in recent years. With much still to do, This Girl Can, Real Beauty, Like a Girl; #metoo, #everydaysexism, #shepersisted; WACL, Bloom and SheSays are all doing much to tackle the issues and provide support, mentoring and networks for women in and out of the industry.

But as we begin to move towards a more balanced and diverse society and industry, what roles exist for men in this changing landscape? Is there a need to bring men together to better support each other and empower them to be a part of this change?

The session will ask: Do we need more male role models? How can we encourage more men to open up about their mental health? How can men better support each other? Is there really a difference in how men and women’s brains are wired? Should men involve themselves in feminism? Is it time we redefine maleness and masculinity?


Hamish Nicklin – CRO, Guardian News & Media

Karen Blackett OBE –  NABS President, Chairwoman, MediaCom

Daniele Fiandaca – Co-founder, Utopia, Creative Social & Token

Dr. Theresa Dzendrowskyj – Applied Neuroscientist and Business Coach

Simon Gunning – CEO, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)