Dear Lorraine #1

Welcome to our new regular feature ‘Dear Lorraine’. Lorraine Jennings, head of support at NABS, tackles your career queries and concerns.

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Q: Business hasn’t been doing too well lately and I’ve heard rumours that changes are happening. My company hasn’t yet said anything and I don’t know whether I can ask management outright and I don’t know who to ask. I’m worried I might end up being let go, should I start looking for a new job now?

LorraineLJ: I can appreciate this must be a concerning time for you, particularly when there is so much uncertainty. Companies constantly need to evolve and adapt in order to get ahead, or if business isn’t doing too well, to simply stay afloat and fears can arise during times of change, particularly when there is limited communication.

I would suggest that if you are concerned then your line manager is a good starting point for a friendly chat. They may be aware of the rumours so won’t necessarily be surprised with you asking them directly for some clarity on what’s going on, but in order for them to prepare, you may want to let them know in advance what you wish to discuss. Be aware that they may not have the exact answers you’re looking for yet, particularly if many of the business decisions haven’t yet been finalised.

Having a chat first with someone in management will give them an opportunity to clarify matters and will be an indicator that more may need to be done to ease staff concerns. Whilst NABS is not here to tell you whether you should start looking for a new job, getting more information or knowing that things are yet to be finalised may help to guide you on your next steps and at least make you feel a bit better for taking some action. If you would like to run through what you want to say before having that chat, the Advice Line is a great sounding board or you’re very welcome to speak to us following that chat to talk through your options in more detail.

For more information on our services visit the NABS website, or call the NABS Advice Line for confidential, unbiased advice and support on 0800 707 6607.

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