Fast Forward

NABS Fast Forward 2016 Week 5: Engagement with Verica Djurdjevic

Words by James Stevens, Strategy Director, WCRS and Team Christiansen Mentor Week five aka “two weeks ’til pitch day” (eek!) kicked off with yet another outstanding talk from PHD’s Verica Djurdjevic. Briefed to riff about ‘Engagement’, Verica instead spoke about how the role of media is all about driving connections. Why connection rather than engagement?... Continue Reading

NABS Fast Forward 2016 week 4: Alex Grieve on Ideas

Words by Dan Durling, Sales Director Yahoo, Inc. and Team Simmonds Mentor With some disbelief the mentors met last night in Mark’s pre-session briefing and realized we were already over halfway through the course.  Everyone looked a little nervous. If all the teams were following Jon Steel’s words of advice from week 1 we would already have... Continue Reading

NABS Fast Forward 2016 Week 3: Loz Horner on Insights, Strategy and Briefing

Hello world!

NABS Fast Forward 2016 Week Two: Rachel Bristow, ‘Your Client’ and Richard Lane, ‘The Brief’

Words by James Appleby, MEC, Team Peacock Mentor With that ‘back to school’ feeling now firmly embedded in the delegates and mentors alike, the group convened on Mindshare on Wednesday evening to spectacular views in Mediterranean temperatures in order to hear from Rachel Bristow about how to get the most from your client relationships. In... Continue Reading

NABS Fast Forward 2016 week one: Jon Steel on Pitching

Words by Jo Arden, 23red, Team Simmonds Mentor The UK’s most exciting and tirelessly fought competition is back. Sounding the end of summer more clearly than Mary Berry’s cream horns, Fast Forward is back. And what a return it was. Jon Steel (who regular readers of the NABS blog will recognise as the subject of much... Continue Reading

Chocolate Biscuits and Losing Pitches.

Words by Luke Morris, director of communications and insights, NABS Last week I went to a pub quiz with some mates. I was on fire. The whole ‘I’m not as think as you drunk I am’ Team was on fire. Which Friends actor is youngest? Easy: Matthew Perry. Tallest mountain the world? It’s Mauna Kea... Continue Reading

Fast Forward – Week 5: Engagement

Words by Susan Poole, Head of Planning at ZAK and Fast Forward M entor Engagement: the Holy Grail that we are all seeking.  It’s what ensures that our efforts don’t just passively reach our audiences, but make a difference – sometimes easier said than done. This was the topic of NABS’ recent Fast Forward session.... Continue Reading

Fast Forward – Week 4: Collaboration

Words by James Stevens, Stragety Director at WCRS and Fast Forward mentorMovie Carol (2015) Collaboration. It’s a word that brings many  industry folk out in a cold sweat. Because great ideas are the preserve of great thinking from individuals. They’re not born in workshops with post-its, biscuits and bad coffee. Or are they? Tonight we... Continue Reading

Fast Forward – Week 3: Insights and Insects

Words by Stephanie Marks, Deputy Managing Director at Maxus and Fast Forward mentor So it’s week 3, or as everyone in the teams seems to be counting, its 4 working weeks left until the pitch!  This week we were honoured to welcome Andy Nairn, one of the founders of Lucky Generals.  Having been named the... Continue Reading

Fast Forward – Week 2: Steel yourself, Jon has landed

Words by Jo Arden, Head of Strategy at 23red and Fast Forward mentor Week two of Fast Forward is always a good one. The teams are over the initial feeling of dread, they’ve met up, had a beer, remembered what the blonde haired one with glasses is called, and they’ve got some views on the... Continue Reading