Career Coaching

International Coaching Week

Words by Emma Pratt, careers coach at NABS May 18-24th sees a global celebration of coaching visit this page. It’s the 16th annual International Coaching Week where tens of thousands of coaches  help people to better understand the benefits of coaching, what its impact can be on them, and on those with whom they work.... Continue Reading

New Year, New you: How to keep those difficult New Year’s resolutions

Words by Uzma Afridi, careers coach at NABS A symbolic time for many, the New Year gives us a chance to reflect on the past year and what we wish for the year ahead. After overindulging during the festive period and waking a little worse for wear on New Year’s Day, you may feel the... Continue Reading

How can learning help beyond the classroom?

School, studying, university, exams, isn’t that one great benefit of being in paid employment, you no longer need to have your head in the books morning, noon and night?  You have qualifications and you’ve got a job so your days of lectures, reading and learning new stuff should be well and truly behind you.  Or... Continue Reading

Could a career coach really help me?

Words by Emma Pratt, careers coach at NABS You’ve heard of career coaching haven’t you?  You might even have a friend or colleague who’s worked with a coach.  Perhaps you’ve contemplated having career coaching yourself, but you’re not entirely sure what it is and then, you don’t really need a coach do you?  After all,... Continue Reading

I want a new job, where do I start?

Words by Emma Pratt, careers coach at NABS. So, you’re thinking that it may be time for a change.  Time to move on, step up and advance your career.  You may have had a great two, five, ten years with your current employer, learnt a lot, worked with talented people and advanced through the ranks... Continue Reading