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Confidence – finding it again

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS As a coach, people talk to me about developing their confidence all the time. They also talk about losing their confidence. Maybe there is a lost property office with a shelf with little bundles of people’s precious confidence, looking out the window waiting to be claimed or...
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Is coaching different in other industries?

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS When I started coaching for NABS in November last year I was interested to find out if coaching in the advertising and media industry would be any different from working in the arts sector, which is my background. Although I have coached in a variety of organisations...
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The Importance of CPD continual professional development – and how it could work for you

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS It’s easy to gaze at your laptop for years and get angry that no-one offered you that promotion, or you apply for a job and find out you did not get it. You wonder, why? Or maybe secretly you want to stay in the same role for...
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New Code of Conduct launched in response to report on sexual harassment in UK advertising and marketing industry

Today, the Advertising Association, NABS and WACL, backed by the IPA and ISBA, have published the timeTo Report on sexual harassment in the UK advertising and marketing industry. In direct response to the report’s findings, which were based on a comprehensive survey of over 3,500 industry insiders, the cross industry advisory group is launching the...
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timeTo…. put an end to sexual harassment

Stranger Than Summer 2018: The Crazed Collection

Managing people – Listen to what they need to help them grow

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS In my coaching sessions, managing people is a subject that is often discussed. Thinking about how you would like to be managed yourself is a good place to start. Another thing to think about is what the people around you need to thrive. I have managed lots...
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“How NABS helped me when stress made me break out in hives”: an Ambassador’s story”

To mark #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we’re releasing a series of blogs and today we hear from a NABS Ambassador about how she was supported by NABS’ services through a difficult period. Follow us all this week @NABS_UK to join the conversation. One of my family members is an alcoholic. The disease has had a huge effect on...
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Coaching in Manchester

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS In November I started working for NABS as their Manchester-based career coach. This was an opportunity for me to combine my passion for coaching with my love for the north and its people. I have been living in Salford for the last 12 years. I love working...
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NABS in 2017