NABS Tuesday Club Talk with Twitter’s Dara Nasr

NABS at Advertising Week Europe

Richard Mullender and NABS at Advertising Week Europe

Working Parents Initiative Launch Film

NABS Tuesday Club Talk with Richard Mullender, Hostage Negotiator


Words by Zack Gardner It started with a hair cut for my hobbyhorse. (Well, actually it started when I met NABS NW Committee member Jackie Anderson whilst exploring career options, but that’s not as good an opening line.) I don’t know if any of you have ever asked your barber to mime their profession on...
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How to have a colourful, stress-free Christmas

By Uzma Afridi, Business Psychologist and NABS Career Coach Colouring in is an activity often associated with children, however it doesn’t merely keep them quiet whilst mum and dad get some peace, it also allows children to develop a sense of calm and creativity. Earlier this year adult colouring books became a best seller on...
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The Science of Stress

By Uzma Afridi, Business Psychologist and NABS Career Coach It’s National Stress Awareness Day today, and now more than ever as an industry and individuals we need to take mental health and wellbeing seriously. In October, an absence management study by the CIPD found that two-fifths of respondents reported that stress-related absence in their organisation...
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NABS at Advertising Week Europe: The Diversity Delusion

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Fast Forward – Week 5: Engagement

Words by Susan Poole, Head of Planning at ZAK and Fast Forward M entor Engagement: the Holy Grail that we are all seeking.  It’s what ensures that our efforts don’t just passively reach our audiences, but make a difference – sometimes easier said than done. This was the topic of NABS’ recent Fast Forward session....
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