Interview with Kirsty Newman – Accounts Co-ordinator, Financial Times

Interview with Chris Forrester – CRO, The Telegraph

Interview with Rosa Rolo – Director, Major Players

Interview with Hugh Robertson – Founder & CEO, RPM

Interview with Karen Blackett OBE – Chairwoman, MediaCom

Interview with Josh Krichefski – CEO, MediaCom

The impacts of alcohol – “I now find myself completely neutral to alcohol”

Anonymous  I chose a career in the media industry based upon the simple fact that my girlfriend at the time, who worked in a media agency while I was finishing my final year at university, frequently spoke about these boozy lunches and jollies that she was often invited to. In hindsight, I can now see...
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A journey to mindfulness

Word by Uzma Afridi, Head of careers, NABS As I enter the tube station, listening to my Ibiza playlist, thinking about what to have for dinner. I remember a text I need to respond to. The weekend is approaching, I see an email pop up and I go into panic mode. Momentarily I contemplate Anthony...
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Ride Adland 2017

NABS Fast Forward week4: Loz Horner on Insights, Strategy and Briefing

Words by Richard Smith, client director at Maxus and Fast Forward mentor We are now in week four of NABS Fast Forward 2017; the half way stage. So, on the final straight, it is great timing for this week’s guest presenter(s) from Lucky Generals. Laurence (AKA Loz) Horner, Strategist, has been a regular speaker talking...
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